Clarence Town Preschool Philosophy

At Clarence Town Preschool we base all that we do on respect.


  • Respect for each other.
    Relationships are the core of our preschool. We commit to providing a space where each person feels safe, heard, welcomed and supported. Through all aspects of our program, we will support children to become positive citizens; to understand that we share our world with other people; to understand that diversity is present in all aspects of life; that each person has the right to be respected.
  • Respect for place
    We meet each day on Worimi country. We respect that this land holds a long history of tradition and culture that continues with present and future generations. We commit to working with our families and community to help each child feel connected to place and to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in all aspects of our curriculum.
  • Respect for childhood.
    Childhood brings with it wonder and discovery; it is a time to learn through hands-on experiences while being supported, guided and celebrated. We value and nurture each child’s unique ways of being. Our inclusive environments are designed to inspire and delight. The ideas, views, learning needs and perspectives of the children play a pivotal role in shaping our curriculum.
  • Respect for family.
    Preschool and family are connected in their shared aim to support each child to reach their potential. We respect that family is the first and most important influence in the life of a child. Communication will be open and based upon the knowledge that we all have the best interest of the children at heart. Each family will be respected, heard and included within our program.
  • Respect for teachers and pedagogy.
    Our teachers are passionate and dedicated professionals. Each teacher is supported to continue their learning journey through professional development and the opportunity to share individual skills and talents. Our shared pedagogical focus is based on contemporary and historical theory and reflects an emphasis on a sociocultural perspective.
  • Respect for our environment
    The actions we take and the decisions that we make affect us locally and globally. Children will be supported to connect with the environment and become aware of the ways in which we can live sustainably.
  • Respect for ourselves
    Our program and interactions will support the growth of healthy minds and bodies. Positive self-image, self-esteem and mindfulness will be at the core of our program.