“We must credit the child with enormous potential and the children must feel that trust. The teacher must give up all his preconceived notions and accept the child as a co-constructor” Loris Malaguzzi

Theoretical Framework

As the educators of Clarence Town Preschool, our shared pedagogical focus is based on current and historical theory and reflects an emphasis on a sociocultural perspective. We believe that children’s learning is most effectively supported through hands-on experience while learning with, from, and alongside others, including both adults and peers. In the preschool setting, our children have the opportunity to share their ways of being and knowing and experience those of others.


Our philosophy acts as a guide for our decision making across all aspects of our preschool. Reviewed each year, our philosophy is developed in collaboration with our families, children, educators, management and our community. We selected the format of respect to reflect the importance of each area that we believe is a vital aspect of what we do. This includes respect for: First Nations People and our Land, Childhood, Each Other, Family, Teachers and Pedagogy, Environment and Ourselves. You can read our full philosophy https://clarencetownpreschool.com.au/philosophy/

The learning environments of Clarence Town Preschool

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