A place where a child can play, explore and learn!

Our Daily Program

Our preschool environments are designed for the children. The spaces and materials included are planned to inspire, interest, develop and challenge each child while providing opportunities to develop a sense of being, belonging and becoming.
To plan our environments we look at each child’s skills, interests and developmental needs. We learn these by knowing each child and learning from their families – the children’s first and most influential teachers.

School Readiness

Being ready for school is much talked about. To support children’s positive transition to formal school we focus on self-help skills: identifying and being responsible for your own belongings; recognising your body’s needs and independently taking care of these; being able to ask for assistance if you need it; interacting safely with others and with equipment; positively and mindfully regulating emotions and reactions.  We work alongside our children to support them to have self-confidence and to see themselves as strong and capable learners.


Each week, our preschool welcomes a mindfulness educator who works with our children. Through these sessions the children practice the skills they need to be truly present in the moment. Mindfulness helps children to understand what they feel and to know what they need to feel wellness. The sessions include breathing techniques, yoga, listening, observing and guided meditation focusing on relaxation and breathing.

Bushwalking Program

Each year throughout the months of winter, we take our preschool to the surrounding bush. Here we take time to build connection to our local spaces and engage in the mindful practice of noticing the world around us. We are able to observe the living world and the way that humans both impact on and are impacted upon by the environment. Bushwalking opens us to new curiosities that we are able to weave into our daily learning programs. Spending time in the local bushland naturally develops children’s skills and understandings across all learning areas while supporting each child’s holistic development.

Borrowing library

We have an extensive selection of books available for children to borrow. There is a range of fiction and non-fiction titles and many books that share First Nations stories and art. The benefits of reading to children are well known and shared reading is one of the most effective ways to support literacy development in children. Established in 2013 by a community member, our borrowing library has become a very special part of our preschool.