School Readiness

We believe in providing children with the opportunities to develop the skills needed to confidently transition to school on a daily basis from the beginning of the year. We believe that healthy self-esteem and positive self-concept are the key to a successful transition to school and provide an environment that is both stimulating and safe where children can explore, discover, and experiment.

Our environment and teaching practices support children to
become literate and numerate through experiences that are integrated naturally into our curriculum. Children also learn about colour, shape, and form as we create coil shapes in clay, manipulate puzzle pieces and build castles with blocks etc.

The children learn about numbers as we count items in our environment, tell the time, sing counting songs and count how many blocks are needed for our tower. We learn about letters and the written word as we read children’s literature daily and discover how to understand symbols and how to represent ideas by creating symbols. Children learn about books, about authors and illustrators and about the endless world that books can offer.
We focus on relationships children build with each other, adults, family and cherish these as providing the basis of all learning to follow throughout life. How to get along with others, negotiate, accept other points of view, express yourself and be heard, politeness, have an idea or original thought that’s valued and accepted by others are all enhanced by our interactions and experiences with others.